Dreaming of Hunky Filmstar

I have lately repeatedly fallen in love with Stars. Not in the sea-stars surely, but mainly in enigmatic cinematic heroes. Like Keanu Reeves, who I can mention now, because he was the first one and now long ago gone by. No hard feelings. Cute but dump.

The stars I have been in love with are usually not my favourite actors, but stars whose performance and maybe also certain interview has touched me in some point. Nor are they almighty Brad Pitts or somebody like that. I like my men imperfect, as it makes them some how more attainable. Keanu touched me with an interview, where he was telling about his sisters leukemia. The issue toughed me at that point. Plus he is cute. Later I have noticed that his acting performances sadly leave a lot to hope for, although he seems a nice guy.All my seacret dreams about stars are such: in real life they would not stand a day, even if I would be fancy enough to interest them. We would not be suited. But when there are no real men in the picture, it is nice to dream about somebody. At least one can dream about beautiful actors or guy in the metro or somebody, who just asked directions from me.This does not mean that I would not be sensitive about my dream stars. I would not consider coming open about the one, who I like right now or even who I liked last, because it is still so fresh. Believe me, if someone made a joke about it, it would still hurt. So better keep silence. And anyhow I feel a bit silly too.

We fall in love with a smile, the look in someone’s eyes, a shoulder. That is enough; then during the long hours of hope or sadness, we create a person, we compose a character.

– Marcel Proust-

The quote above somehow illustrates the all what one could call long distance loves, that is loving some one you really don’t have constant contact with. This is normal for teenagers and apparently for lonely spinsters too. Just read how it affects Bridget Jones, who lushes after Mr. Darcy (Colin Flirt) of the BBC Pride and Prejudice dramatisation and ends up interviewing him (in fiction of course). And who do you think played Mark Darcy in the BJ dramatisation? So I am not by far the only one lushing after famous stars.

I have been noticing that I ofter fall for an actor in an enchanting role. In my interpretation this means that I probably don’t really fall for him, but for his role in that specific film. The role character is invention of the script writer, although actors still use their personalities to form these characters. So on the other-hand maybe I still fall little in love with them too, but just a little.I confess I don’t take these things too seriously. Dream stars are like children’s imaginary friends. If I would ever meet them by chance I would probably be devastatingly embarrassed, even though I understand they could know nothing about my fleeting fantasy feelings for them.

Some how it is still important only to dream of those that are free or at least seem to be in public. It doesn’t feel right to lush after some other woman’s man. I still can be fan of their acting though and like to see their films. I am in for female loyalty. May be that is one reason, why I am still single: I don’t fight for a man, if he is not yet my own.
This image is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

[Previously publishde in my former blog Confessions of the Silly Spinster]


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