Meeting and Dating over the Net or in Person?

What is good with the net-dating are the test that clear out your position on different issues. On the other hand you can find them out in real life pretty fast too. What is more difficult over the wires is to detect other persons feelings. This is important to mee, as I like to read people (and am appearantly pretty good in it).

What really is good is that you can meet people you otherwise would not meet: like people living further away or people not hanging in the same places you do. I don’t like to spend my time in noicy places, that is often bars and clubs many people meet. Mainly the reason is that as I learned in my early twenties, I have difficulty of recocnaising what people are saying, when there is much noice around, espesially music. It is usually hard to understand. My girlfriends don’t like to hang out in bars and I don’t like to go them by myself.

I have to agree that there are very few places for my kind of people to meet others. Only places seem to be religious gatherings or some cross-gender sports events. As I like dancing, I usually meet just women in my athletic training.

The problem over the net is not only dishonesty in it self, that is people pretending to be something that they are not, but also that people don’t tend to know who they are and what they want, even if not in purpose misleading others. In these dating services one tends to meet people, that present them selves more as what they liked to be than what they actually are.

In person these things are easier to check, although one can be cheted too. Usually many of us know, if something is really wrong about other person in few seconds when we meet them. Over the net it might take more time. So one must be really, really careful about revealing personal information and making emotional commitments.


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