Criticised News Flash: Half of the US Women are Living without Spouse

…according: 51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse [NYT]

The article states that on the other hand women are marrying later on the other they are living longer as widows. “[W]hile most women eventually marry, the larger trend is unmistakable.”

What do you think about this?

Still one feels some kind of stranger (and a short of child) by living alone.

[I recommend reading the comments on this issue.]

4 Responses

  1. What do I think about this? I think women are finally getting smart!

  2. Hey, thanks for linking to my blog!


  3. Hi.
    Not to rain on your parade, but a tiny bit more study of this report reveals that your headline is completely misleading.

    Unless that was your intent, look a little harder at the facts.

  4. As much as I resent unexplained acid comments, espesially when the blame can be pur on NYT and when other medias quite clearly were following it. I newer said I was commenting the report, but the news. How fair was that? News tend to be provocative, because they sell. Everybody knows that, or don’t they?

    There are claimed to be following mistakes (but let me be critical on the critic too):
    – NYT cathecorised 15-19 year olds women. [One can debate this for long, but I think 18-19 years olds are totally free to marry. Is there no parental permission for younger? Who says who is woman? Biologically you are woman, when you can have children. Legally you are woman at 18. Why would not these be counted? ]
    – Also absent husband was categorised in this class, but as title just says: “living without spouse”, not unmarried, it can be only considered misleading. [On the other hand women are no more blindly following their husbands where ever they go… and may be that is part of the trend too.]
    – In the critic widows were suddenly catecorised in the same group as married too, appearently because they once were marrid. They also claim that women over fifty have mainly been married at one point or another of their lives. [What is interesting is change in trend, not what people did some 20-30 years ago!]

    International Herald Tribune -article.

    And for fact I was not only one titling it as I did:


    What do you self think?

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