All You Need is Love – Consuming the Love

I just bought an album of Beatles number one singles and most of them are about love. That’s what’s selling. I am huge user of love-medias myself. I think we all are in different form or another. Even pornography in some level can be substitute for love, although I know that love and sex are not the same.

Espesially women – but also men – use romantic books, movies and other forms of stories like songs, poems and such to fill in their need of love and to forget their loneliness. This is natural. When I have had rough day at work and have been treated badly, then I can sink in romance and need not think any more about my hard day. It is like having a friends or beloveds hands around you. Virtual love.

Yet one can get addicted to this virtual love. If it becomes more important than life or real love you are in trouble. You need to wake up, imediatly, if possible. I wrote earlier of taking famouse stars to a dream lovers. It sound fun, but if reality goes missing and you feel like stalking them or something, then it is no fun anymore and time to reality check.

In the todays medicalised world the addictive relationship to celebrities is also categorised mental problem both its mild or more serious (like stalking) form. Life of the celebs sell, as well as love, in the life of the great many lonely people. In Eleanor Rigby Beatles asks, where all the lonely people come from.

There is other danger in consuming love. We often get wery idealised view of love and then to measure reality agains it. There have been several studies that show that media affects how we see our relationships (see: Happiness : Lessons from a New Science, by Richard Layard).

The tradition of romanticing love and marriage is long in the Western World. It can be traced at least to middle ages, where the ideal of knight and lady comes from. Early 19th century raised it again with romantic-movement. On the other hand there are happy and unhappy love stories in almost all the great traditions.


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