Media: Spinster by Choice

According to AC article 18% of women believe that they will never find their perfect mate. And 66% said that they would not marry anybody else, if they would not find “Mr. Right”.

The article states that this is due to lifestyle changes:

– Increase in female autonomy
– Increasing access to education, and due that better salaries in job market.
– 60% (US) single women now own houses.
– Reproductive freedom, dependless of institutional marriage
– Increased birthdate of 30-39 years old women

A Spinster by Choice: Single Lifetstyle is Appealing More to Women by AC (Associated Content).

You may have red my former post about educated women not ending alone. This article may been seem some what in contradiction to that one. This shows that social studies are quite ambigous.


3 Responses

  1. After two marriages, three engagements, I’ve finally seen the light. I will no longer put myself in a position to have a man think he is my lord and master. My experience of men of my generation is that they still look at women as the subservient sex and once married will use their energy to tear down my ability to think and act independently. I am expected to sacrifice my soul to the man and the marriage. I am expected to allow them to use me as a scapegoat for their unresolved anger issues. I am expected to allow them to threaten and abuse me.
    In my experience you never really know a man until you say “I do.” I will not take the blame. I will not feel ashamed. I will not go there ever again.
    I now value my freedom more than I ever have before.

  2. @Diane – You’ve been attracting and meeting toxic men. I’m sorry, because that must have been painful for you.

    In my case, I never expected to sacrifice my soul or anything else to my marriage and I never have. I knew the kind of man I wanted and that’s what I got. in fact I’d say I got better.

    It was my responsibility to look for what I wanted, set my expectations and his. I am independent in a marriage of equals, understood by both of us from the get-go. I know my husband much better now we’ve been married for a few years simply because it does take time to get to know another person. But I was perfectly willing to not get married unless I felt the person was right for me and that we were right for each other. If for some bizarre reason he decided to think differently then I know it would be time for me to get out…

  3. Wow britgirl, lucky, what you married is what you got. I thought I was marrying someone completely different from what I experienced, both times. Count yourself lucky and blessed. Not all women have your good fortune.

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