Silly Spinster Action or How to Freeze Men Efficiently

I don’t whether following story is more comic or tragic. It was full morning bus on the way to work. I sat down in the first free place. It was beside, by quick clance, quite nice looking fellow, who had wide shoulders and took a lot of space, so I was cramped.

I was reading my book. He was reading morning paper. Two total stranger. Then his phone rang. And it rang again. During the second call I heard two mentions that pinned him in place. I swear that I have never seen him before. This man was working in the other department of my office. Great, I felt so embarrashed.

I tried not to listen the phone call, while it came to clear that at least he was minor boss. My boss propably knows him, because they attend same meeting. What does he do in the morning bus? Don’t he have a car? He was young, so may be he prefer not to have one. I have seem suit men before in the busses, so may be it is a new trend.

I knew whole way he was following me from the bus to office. I mean: I knew that we were both going to the same directon. I tried to stay ahead and not to pay any attention in hin. He reached me, when I had just checked my self in. He said something like: “So we wen’t to the same direction whole way”. Seemed nice guy, really friendly. I behaved as I did not understand he was talking to me.

Later I have wondered if he was little embarashed too. I went to the elevator, he choosed the stairs. It was me, who choosed to sit beside him. Does anybody wonder why I am single still, when I can’t even bring my self to talk a man in this kind of situation. I don’t mean I never can. Just weak or two I had really long discussion with one. It just …. You may undrestand.

Just before christmas there was this man, who followed me inside one shop and then to another. He was nice looking and did not seem any raper or anything. I so totally freaked out. Some one was following me, help.

Afterwards I have tought my self silly. May be he was just a lonely guy visiting my town and seeing some one nice. May be he just wanted to talk to me. He really did not look like a stalker. Everything started, because I first tought he was some one I knew, and so gave him long look. May be he just tought that I was interested.

This is me: getting emparashed and freak out for minor incidents. No wonder men think me rude or cold. I may really act cold, when inside I am really nervous. I am much too talented of hiding my feelings. Unfortunately (or luckily) when I blush, no one can see it. I can feel it, but my face don’t get at all red. I have much more robust friend, who is slight red hed and gets nice blush occasionally.

My life story!


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  1. I have just one request, never stop writing the way you do!

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