Stories of Two Indian Spinsters

This is story of two ladies I met in India. You can quess it might not be very easy choice or fate in such a traditional country, even in a rather modern metropol.

Both women were in their thirties and had punch of lovely brothers. Both were or had been their fathers darlings. Others father had died. Both had good education and were working girls. Both were pretty and had strong characters. The other one was from south and rather dark and the other one was from lover cast, neither one a recomendation in India for marriage. Both were devoted hindus.

The younger one had international relations and hoped to find a foreing man. Yet she wanted to stay virgin until marriage. Now only western men to look for virgin brides, would have been devoted christian and they would probably not look for devoted Hindu as their wife. She was little desperate and I could never get myself to tell her that fact. She told me that Indian men fancied her, but did not take her seriously.

Older one told me that her parents had given up hope. She didn’t seem to mind that much. I think she was happy as their and her brothers darling. Although she was appeart to be in love with a collegue, but I did not think she took that seriously, but one never knows. He did not take it seriously, because she was lover cast, but he kept teasing her.

Bollywood films are often love stories. This in the country, where marriage is ruled by many other qualities than love. Even when decission is made by partners themselves, and not the parents, they consider many other issues than love. This can be seen a bit tragic. And often it is still family that at least recommends if not decides about marriage.

I brought this up, because when I think of them, I always see my own situation in more bright light. My situation is not really so bad, as long I don’t try to reach the stars.


2 Responses

  1. Well with that latest bill that empowers married women, women never had it so good. At least for that , they should thank their stars.

  2. I don’t think any law will change peoples expectations or attitudes. We have all kinds of laws in Europe, but the situation is not that much better, really. Well, may be it will better womens legal situation… But these women did not have problem in that field. They were hard working, living earning ladies.

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