Why I Would not Like the Big Boss to Remember My Face

Another, slightly tragi-comic chapter of my life, this time about work. One sometimes makes mistakes that are rather funny. This included boss, TV and drunken man.

There was this news incident that was connected to my work. Afternoon I got a call from a news of a TV channel. We have been told, that only the Big Boss (the Boss of the Division) ansawers these questions. The report was ancious and I promised to try to get some body to call in his number, but that I could not promise anything.

I did a big job with it and ended up disturbing the big boss meeting. Later that day he came lauching to me and told that the man in the phone was drunk. The man I had been talking was definetly sober. I wonder still whether I took his number incorrectly or whether I got to be part of some bad joke.

Today I recived several calls from the citizens that were conserned about the situation. This thing are about private matters of a person and of course we cannot comment. You listen these complains and whining, and quite unlike myself I felt like telling them to should up. Whatever do they think I could do for it. I am just an office clerk.

I avoided ending up in the same elevator with this boss of mine on the way home today. Some how one wants the dust go down for while.


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