Eavesdropping in a Bus

What goes in a mind of very young men. One can guess, but I got some evidence by listening few rather sensible sounding youngsters in a bus.

They were sitting behind me and I could not help hearing, what the four boys were talking. They seemed to be in higschool and about 17-19 years old.

The discussion started about car and what kind of car to buy. The factor raised up by one of the talkers was the price of gasoline and how much of it certain cars would use. Then it continued by one of the young men noticing that he rather drives than goes to bar.

And they continued to compare these two things, until one of them told, that it would better to get a girl friend, who would tell you that “don’t go to bar, let’s make love”. I have never ever heard womens restrictive influence described in such sweet fashion by any man. One would think young men would value freedom even more. Some one is going to get nice man of him.

They seemed to get a clue that some one was listening. And they wen’t to silence and changed the subject. They might not have guessed how positive impression they had made in me.


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