No Lace – Spinster in the Bridal Fair

Friend of mine is getting married next summer. She asked me to shop her wedding dress. I agreed. I even tought it could be quite fun. Yesterday she called wether I would go with her in a Bridal Fair. I agreed when she promised to pay me in.

I, an definitive spinster, found my self thinking what kind of dress would be nice, what kind of ring and what kind of bouquet. I got positively enthusiastic for her. Nobody noticed I was not bride, but spinster.They tried to sell their things to me as well and I got tiered of telling, who was real bride.

It seems to me that some brides prefer princes style. I could not imagine my self not in white nor in fairy-tale-dress. But then again I am a spinster. My dress would be simply stylish: no frills, lace or anything complicated.

When I said my friend that I have no reason of thinking these things yet, she said that better think ahead. They are getting married quite fast and there is just not much time to plan. I did not feel bad tough being there among all happy brides.

I have not been dreaming of wedding for years. They have lately seemed to me as a necessary evil. I mean, if I ever would get married, which does not seem very likely, I would ofcourse want my friends to celebrate with me. What I am not so much interested in are conventional wedding, with all clichés that dont even seem romantic to me. Then again maybe that’s why I am a spinster.

What we wondered was, why they dress big girls to seem even bigger. There was only one nice dress on XL-model and it was black. This was in the fashion show we watched. It is easy to be with my friend, because we have rather similar style. Maybe mine is even little more simple.

When I was younger, in my late teens and early twenties, I dreamed of wedding, like all other girls. It is just that years have worn those dreams down. If I dream of something, that is life together with him. And I think that is more important.

It is not important what happends in wedding day, but what happends in all the days after that.


8 Responses

  1. My condolences to your friend 😛

  2. Why? 😮 She is happy, getting married with nice guy and I was good sport, really. She even knows I wrote about this. 🙂

  3. As probably the worst bridesmaid ever, I agree with you – it’s not what happens on the wedding day, dammit!!

    Annnyway. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the link!

  4. Why? 😮 She is happy, getting married with nice guy and I was good sport, really. She even knows I wrote about this.

    Trust me, you wouldn’t wanna get me started on my views on marriage 😛

    (ps: it was a joke!)

  5. Yes, I notised. 😉 Why did you think there were 😮 and 🙂 ?

  6. I never dreamed of weddings and they are not really much of a tradition in my family. So when a friend asked me to help shopping for wedding dresses I cringed. I dreaded this ultimately boring task for weeks.

    But it was so much fun! The best part was total strangers coming out of the dressing rooms and asking my opinion — just because I was there! Did I look knowledgeable??? I’ve no idea. But I know I swayed many young brides choices that day…for better or worse.

  7. Wild Bill

    Do you really believe what you write?

  8. Yes I do, but then again I am a spinster.

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