By the Luck of the Draw

This other day I saw same two boys three times in a train, in a street and in movies. Was that coincident? It made me thinking, cause I had just written a poem about accidents.

You may remember me writing about big boss and not wanting to see him just last week. After that I have ended three times in the same railway carriage. I was twice able to avoid him, but today I did not see him goming, great. Well he said hi to me really politely, so I suppose it is Ok.

It seems I have had a lot of similar kind of accident lately. I been running to same people and some people seem to plague me. How much I try to avoid them, I am not able to. It is same with customer.

Today I met (by accident) a customer I have spoken once in the phone and seen once before. Why does she always come, when it is my turn to be on duty? She is quite trouble-some, you know. First time she yelled me 20 minutes in phone, before I had to end the call. There are other customers like that too, who I always end up handling, like one lawer whe have had a lot of trouble of.

And I told you about that man before christmas, who followed me from shop to shop. I saw him at least twice in totally another place after that. And I am sure he was not following me in those days.

On the other hand: I sometimes have astonishing luck. Like twice, when in the middle of darkness came bus, who offered me a drive to home – and there were no bus stops. And the other time last bus had gone long time ago.

And this does not happend to just me. There are others who tell similar stories too. Is it just our imagination, or is life playing strange games with us. Is it just an accident, I wonder.


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