Reactions on “Children of Men”-Film

I was not about to write about films in this blog, but this one and the feeling it brought up made me think it would fit the theme. I am a fan of well made futuristic films (quality scifi), but this one made me think about children.

The Story happends in the world, where no children has been born in last 18 years. Scientist are not able to find out why. The world has collapsed in mess. One can see this is British film, when Britain is only place holding the fortress.

Film illustrates both childlessness and the treatment of imigrants. In this case they have not only came from outside but also from inside the Europe. Suddeenly one immigrant girl gets miracously pregnant, waiting first child in 18th years. She obiously wants out of Britain and the story is about getting her out of there.

There are several great points in the film, but what toughed me most, was the absence of children and how it was illustrated. It made me think about my own childlessness too. I am little old fashioned and wan’t my children to be born in marriage. And I would like to have children.

In this case it would also mean that I should get married. On the other hand I have high standards of marriage and I’m not ready to marry for any price. I find this rather difficult situation. I have no great answer yet, but my head is ticking. I will tell you if get some great brainstorm.

Some toughts still. Why is it women who are infertile? At this point it seems more likely (scientificly) that men are becoming infertile in the west, while they sperm is fading. And the film potraits as an hero the man saving the mother of the child, not the mother miraculously fertile. (The only bonus thing being that the child is a girl). Is the writer of the story perhaps a man? And I just cheked: yes he is (or from other source a punch of men). How not so very suprising.


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