Who Wants to be the Knight in the Shining Armor?

I have heard men complain, that many women are looking for their dream prince instead of a real person. Dream princes are idealistic, godlike greatures with no faults and able to handle all situations; real people have faults and they don’t necessary solve our problems.

Everybody wants to be loved for their own sake. Not because they fit in some ideal dream world imagined by other, not even if they would. Idealising is normal, espesially when you are just trying to get to know the other person. After while the images drop and you learn to love the real person with their faults.

I am a dreamer. I call myself raindreamer, because there is also a hint of realism in me. I understand the importance of rainy days. The world is not perfect and you never get everything you dream of. Nothing could be more tiresome than playing some part in other persons dreamworld – or even in your own.

It is good to have standards. Before women often complaint that men don’t talk about their feelings. When they have came open, the other complains have arisen. The steps to perfection are endless and may be we should become reasonable in our terms.

If you are waiting a person, who is always callant and sacrifice himself for your sake, you are not realistic. Nor is it reasonable to be looking for omnibotent father figure.

But wait – women are not only ones with fantastic dreams … I will promise to write few words about that soon again.


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