It’s So Not Worth Vomiting …

It seems that best plans don’t come true. I spent my sunday puking and wondering why anybody gets oneself hangover or bulimia. My plans of socialising did not come true. Plus I seem to have been able to mix my life again.

No infections, no hangover and not even bulimia. Instead I had two heavy level migranes. I ended up throwing up, like the girl in the Exorcist, three times in total. It was awful. First time once and in second migrane twice. So not worth it. And I had no medicine in the home, just my luck and no idea which pharmacist would be open.

One should not do much while having migrane or it gets worst, so no medicine for me yesterday. May be the worst thing of being single and living alone is that there is no one to run in the nearest open pharmacist in a sunday afternoon and nobody to take care of you.

I still feel tired – and hungry – after those migranes. I don’t know if it was peanuts or playing computer games that started it, or because I had rather stressful week behind me. I got to keep just one small portion of tasteless pasta inside me. Everything else game up.

Maybe one could have expected something like this after end of the week tiredness. When I finally got to relax, there comes heavy migrane. This was may be one of the worst, if not worst, in my whole life. And I had planned to socialise that sunday afternoon, but it was bye bye for any kind of plans.

Plus friday at work, I remembered that I had forget to send my tax certificate to the accountant to pay my salary. Today I got the mail, that they had got some direct info from tax-office. We are truly living in digital society.

It is not long ago this had been a catastrophe and I would have ended up paying huge tax and I suppose it is still at small employers. I had great plans of changing my taxt certificate in time, because they had mad small mistake that may have lovered my tax-rate too low, but even if I had plenty of time in the beginning, I ended up having no time.

So I am not great planner. I have been making reservation for dentist for couple of weeks. My teeth has literally huge hole in it and I need dentist badly. I already missed one appointment last week. Last time I had similar problems it took time to arrange appointment too. (Month at least, I think!) And it is not like tax or dentist would be the most pleasent things, is it?

I rather spend time testing the shops about, how the sell digital cameras for single women. One had in fact the female sales woman, but sadly she was not much up to her business. In one shop I was taking seriously and servise was great, and I have almost decided to go back there.


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