Happy Valentine! Or is it? (+links)

It seems obligatory to write something about Valentine. What I am truly happy about is that it is not so big deal where I am staying. Don’t you just hate these artifical couple or family days? I think it is already early morning at Valentine’s somewhere in the world so I may publish this now.

I have always tought this kind you have to buy a card to be true friend or lover are annoying. It would be much more meaningful to remember people in spontanious ways. Like if my potential husband once walks trough the door with a bucket of tulips in a totally ordinary day, I might be at least as happy as if he would buy me roses at valentines or our anniversary.

It seems that these days are designed by some imp to make people feel bad. The spinster, the unlucky unhappy married people, widows and such. It is like a constant reminder of your situation. It is almost like throwing ash over you or walking on needles. Do you believe, that is just what I and most other single masochist have been so looking for.

I wonder how people who just lost their parent feel about the mothers- and fathersdays. And how about the parents that have lost children? Does anybody think how they feel. I wonder if these people try to barricade themselves in their homes to not to see all the comercials.

And it is even worst for single people, who basically have to go out to socialise. So the choise will be staying in and feel the walls falling in or go out and feel, sorry for my sordid expression, shit. I am not against the people celebrating those events, what I am against is comercial carbage that comes from every direction and is no where to run from.

The original story of St. Valentine, a Roman marthyr, does not contain hearts and romantics. A bit of emotion in it is fathers consern of daughter in jail. The Idea of Valentine’s day comes from ancient Roman fertility feast Lupercalia (of February 15th), that has been (artificially) repeated till modern day. The most traditions were initiated in medival Britain and France and connected to court love.

Here in the protestant north it is luckily not really celebrated in large sense. That leaves us freedom to do as we please. Although I have admit that my parents got engaged at st. Valentines. I think it must have been idea of my fathers, who might have been more affected by European Catholic culture.

Read this: Be Your Own Valentine

Great Valentine eCards to Send to All Your Single Girlfriends

For unleashing agression, thanks to stephanieontour some anti-Valentine cards.

And here list of some more anti-Valentine links.

And one good and professional anti-Valentine page from GB.
And here is even discussion forum for those, who like to express feelings.
Put please, they are comercialising even this, even if the point was the opposite.


2 Responses

  1. Can I suggest you check out http://www.meish.org/vd for some excellent (free) Anti Valentine’s Day cards, they are the alternative to the Hallmark obsessed day VD has become.

    Hope you enjoy.

  2. Thank you! I had much bigger problem with fathers day this year and I can sympathise those who feel bad for valentine. I add that link to my posting also, with thanks.

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