First Month Anniversary and Some Thanks

I cannot believe this block is only 1 month old, but it was truly generated only January 18th 2007.

It is, I think, time for a short conclusion.

I have got much more views on articles I ever expected in first month or for any month for that matter. You could see me jumping like a little girl.

I also got over 20 comments from you. The most active commentor has been BD with 7 comments, thank you and all the others, who have commented as well. I have to say I love all comments, even critique. They are sign that somebody really red, what I wrote, which is always amazing. How are you BD?

My most popular articles seem to have been:
1. Media: Spinster Stereotypes in Cinema
2. Happy Valentine! Or is it? (+ links)
3. Can Men and Women be True Friends?

The least favourite have been:
Dreaming of Hunky Filmstar
Hello People!, the start 18th Jan, (text to be found under About)
Why I Would not Like the Big Boss to Remember My Face

Few Toughts of Blogging in General and My Blog in Particular:

I seem to be unable to predict, which bloggings interest people most. The bloggings that I predict that would rise discussion don’t and seemingly harmless do.

All your comments warm my heart, even if I don’t always answer to them. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say.

Thanks for every body who are reading me in general.

Thanks for all of you, who have linked to me from your page or added me on your blogroll.

Just knowing me, I don’t expect this blogging enthusiasm to continue forever, so enjoy as long as it lasts.

Sorry, if my spelling is not always 100% correct. I have slight dyslexia. Some times I write so fast that I don’t end up saying what I mean and have to correct myself afterwards. Thank you for your patience.


One Response

  1. Hey! I’m doing alright 🙂

    I think trying to predict what others want to read is futile. Moreover, that defeats the whole purpose of blogging. Just write what you feel like, keep it genuine, as you already have been doing 😀 . That’s all I can say.

    And, don’t worry about the spellings. Though if you want to keep the nitpickers happy, use Firefox 2.0 , it has an inbuilt spell checker.

    Keep posting!

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