Honorary Spinster: Jane Austen

Jane Austen is as a personality suprisingly modern and as a writer timeless.   Her vivid characters and wise stories continue to inspire, as it has done for 200  years, both men and women as well.  She was not just a writer but also a thinker and one could even call her philosopher. And she is not culture relative as Bollywood-style filmatisation “Bride and Prejudice” has shown us.

She was once engaged for just a day, for it seems that the fiancé was not satisfactory for her in the end. She was tempted of having her own home, but not at any price, as so many today’s single women do as well.

One can symbatise with Jane’s want of her own home. She was living with her parents and later with widowed mum, who has not been supposed to be the easiest personality. I know how it is like as I lived one painful year with my parents as an adult.She seems to have had a true love as younger, but It was not success story, as his family was wanting for better than poor daughter of vicar. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But there are also other connections with her life and especially youth in her books.

by Charlotte Austen
And we can be grateful, as her “children” have been great source of enjoyment and blessing for so many. It would be unlikely that she could have continued her writing, in case of becoming a housewife. She would have liked to marry tough, but on her own conditions, too.

Jane’s sister destroyed a lot of her letters after her death, so we know only a one side of her life. She was self-made writer, who developed her skills to extensive reading and writing since her teen-years.

An amateur like me can see her as true forerunner of more realistic literature in the times of Romantic-movement. When Dickens, godfather of Realistic-movement, was born, she had already published her first and sold other to be published just little after. And Austen was much more down to earth than Dickens.

Besides the writer, Austen has also been respected as an ethical thinker. Alasdair McIntyre considers her the follower of Aristotelian tradition and last great follower of Virtue ethics. He thinks that ethical thinking is clearly visible in her novels. By the way Aristotle too had a book called “On Sense and Sensible“.

She is suprisingly universal, as I tought after seeing Bride and Prejudice. These Indian girls of modern days seem to be even more related to her reality than modern western women are. But even the modernity has not moved them very far either. We can share the life – and experiences throug her.


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