Plenty of Encounters and Little Anger

Last week was full of sudden fruitful meetings with friends and other. On the other hand I was tired due to workload and it made me a bit angry for those, who did not seem to look after their share of responsibility, although these encounters seemed to save me some-how.

I had several suprising encounters. Not one was planned or initiated by me. I met several people that I had made no plans to meet and there were some non-human encounters too.

One was with little mouse I saw running. I had to make sure it was not rat first, and after that I was just interested. (I don’t like rats in wild at least). The other non human was suprise fire-works at saturday evening, very flashy too. I could see them above the roofs of opposite buildings. Later I heard that they were celebrating Chinese New Year.

One suprising encounter was with a customer who had suddenly lost her husband last week. I ended up talking to her more as a fellow human being than an official. Some times our work is like that. I talked to her about my fathers death and what it had ment. I was happy she felt I could understand and help. Sometimes our work is just to listen.

My Valentine was quite nice as I pumbed in to a good friend of mine in a bookshop. So I was sulking of valentine’s for no reason at all. We went to a pizza and ended up talking of many things and in the end of weddings.

I almost forgot to tell you about my magical journey home in the subway. In a next stop a dwarf-like man came in to sit opposite of me and red a cheap edition of Romeo and Juliet. I had my self romantic novels in my bag. The girl on the other side of the passage was reading fairy tales. It felt somehow like a real fairy-tale itself.

It seems that I have been talking lot of weddings lately. I priefly talked about it with my sister in the friday evning also. She agreed to me that she can not understand why somebody spends several hundreds of dollars to a bad quality dress that one can only use in one day. 

And why ever does it has to be white. I deeply curse queen Victoria, who started this silly tradition.  In my country still in the beginning of 20th century the dress was black sunday dress. The sign of the bride was a huge flower-crown with red ribbons. The dress was new, but it was certainly worn afterwards too.  We both (me and my sis)  like Indian style of red wedding sari or dress much more than western white.

But this was just a side course. We talked about other issues with my sis too – about church (both of us being critical) and the state of world. In the end way played genious edition of Trivial Pursuit just asking the questions. Some questions were silly easy and others impossible, at least to us not wery interested in sports.

I also met my other good friend in saturday. She needs to find new job. We talked about few of her friends and being spinster. And we ended up questioning what men would see in us, or in women in general. We don’t know the answer. I had a bad-hair-day and did not feel my best.

In sunday I was thinking how my anger towards other issues reflected my blogging too. I was more agressive than usually. I mean that my valentines day was kind of nice,  expect that I was really tired after heavy work.


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