Man or Girl-friends? Who Matters Most?

This is a choice I have been thinking lately. It started by reading blogclark and hearing my girl friends comment on issue in the same week. Who matters most: friends or Him?

It was an ordinary sunday afternoon. He (or they) ended up in our table. We talked first together, my girlfriend and I, but then he came along. We had once before sat in the same table, so we superficially knew each other. We ended up having vivid conversation he and I – and my girlfriend was slightly outsider. I ended up conwersation by asking her, whether it was time to go.

What she said to me afterwards was slightly suprising. She told me that I should not worry about her, if there would be some man to interest me. Her explanation was, that due to our “mature age” (that is over thirty), we should take the opportunity, if it would arrive. She was sweet, but in that situation ther reaction was slightly over. He was nice and I am hoping to meet hin againg, but by no-means was it that serious, yet.

In my opinion the long time friends are more important than a passing crush, even if mutual, as it seems in this case. In more mature state of relationship, both girlfriends and him are important. In committed and established relationship, like marriage or similar, the partner is of course in the first place, but not in the total expence of friends. I would not tolerate demands from him to brake or skip friendships.


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