Toughts about: “The Year of Yes”

Hilarious book of Maria Headley tells a story of her dating experience in New York city that resulted of her getting hitched. She said yes to everyone that asked her out, and her experiences in dating made me think of becoming more yes-girl myself.

I bought this pocket-book out of whim in a pay-day. Maybe it was the frog in the cover or the idea of opening towards men. I know it is my personal problem. Cover

Maria had spent a lonely Valentine, when she decided to give men a change. No more tight rules or criticism. She would smile to men, be open towards them and date them. The Year of Yes.

Her rules were that she would go out with anyone she asked, but not necessary further. She had few awful setbacks with that one, but generally her book told about her finding men she would not have touhght dating, but some of them were interesting and sweet.

The book made me think about my own attitude towards gents. Am I enough open-minded. My “mature years” have tought me that the nature of relationships are as important as the qualities of man. What I have lately dreamed of is to find a man I can feel comfy and relax with, who respects me and gives me a change to be myself.

I found myself starting of thinking about my own year of yes. About dressing nicely, being smiley and not being overly critical. Some men have called me scary in my former life. I know my brains scare men too, but that is their problem and what I truly want to find, is a man not scared of a little lady’s brains.


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  1. Beside this point: I love the painting you chose for your blog.

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