Good Feeling from Donating Blood

The last few weeks have drawn my blood both literally and nonliterally. We have had stressful time at work and I also donated some blood. And I think I saw a real rat to top all those nonliteral ones.

I had planned to give blood already at Valentines day, but somehow that did not materialise. Instead I went there yesterday after this week of drama. I feel great every time that I donate blood.

I just red that many Americans think donating blood old fashioned, because there is so called artificial blood invented. The truth is: there is no such artificial blood that would bypass the real blood or even come close. Research is blooming, but until now they have not invented anything enough good to be even close to bypass the real stuff.

I have donated blood now five times successfully and once not so well. I have pretty high levels of hemoglobin, so I don’t usually feel too bad afterwards. I just feel that I’ve done my share. I just counted I have donated now totally 2 liters of blood. I have still some to go for a full blown accident , but I have already covered few routine surgeries.

Donating blood makes me always feel there is purpose of my living, even if I would other wise wonder if there is one.


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