“Do Blonds Really Like Have More Fun?”

It seems common knowledge that men (universally) prefer blonds. Blonder the hair, lighter the skin, more blue the eyes – the better, right? My experience on the issue is varied …

The definition of being blond is what varies. In Italy I was a blond, “biondo” like they say. I lived in a industrial city of about 0,5 million citizen and very few passing tourists, and about 10 blonds in total (I may slightly execrate, but not much.) Boy was I success. Even in Rome men tended to flirt me and tell me I was beautiful.

In Scandinavia I am nothing special. There I am just an average girl, whit medium blond hair, nothing special. They don’t even call me blond. You must be lighter to be called blond. Only platinum blonds are considered true blonds. And besides, because blond is so common, some men prefer brunettes, just for variety.

One Scandinavian bloke, I used to know, thought he liked brunettes. He went to live in Italy, in this city, where almost everybody had either dark brown or black hair. Do you know what happened? He started to prefer blonds, just like most of the Italian guys.

I just took a walk in one sunny spring day. I was wearing brown jeans, greenish suede jacket and flat shoes, and my hair was in a knot. I had classes and did not feel a bit sexy. It was disaster. Most men I passed that day were drooling after me. One guy’s jaw literary dropped. I did not think that was really possible, I thought you only see that in cartoons. I was wrong.

I got huge amount of compliments and it was good for spirit, but was it fun? Later on it was not. I had got tired by it already by that spring day. I can now understand, why beauties and famous people go on holding nose a bit up. You grew quickly tired of all the attention. People used to think me little rude, because I did not notice them in the street. I walk in my dreams / own toughts even usually and then even more due to cultural pressure and the amount of attention.

The title of this article is by the way a movie quote. It is from movie “How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days”. Kate Hudson says it, when she describes silly female magazine articles. My answer is, that it depends on your definition of fun. If you want attention, became pretty blond. But don’t expect to be taken seriously. And expect to get more harassment.


5 Responses

  1. Very good points!
    Thoug I am not blond, but I have enough expereinces of having much attention – it is extremely tiresome und feels not that great as one may think – you are right.

  2. Well it is tiresome, espesially if one is little shy, like me, but I don’t think nobody likes overly attention.

  3. aah.. what do you think about girl’s / women preferences ? let me know that 😉

  4. In Scandinavia or Italy?

    In Italy I don’t know. I suppose they mostly prefer their own guys, unfortunately, although there are exception. See I don’t remember knowing any Scandinavian guy dating Italian lady. The other way around is very common.

    In Scandinavia dark guys are hit, but blonds do well too.

  5. Eh… I don’t think so.

    Everyone is different. Most likely, though, if some one is good looking – They aren’t going to care what color your hair/skin/eyes are. If you’re pretty, none of that will matter.

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