Single Girl’s Strategies to Avoid Empty Home

When I go home it is empty. Sometimes after busy day that is good. Other times it is bad. There is several (free or affordable) things to do, when you don’t like to go home, and don’t fancy sitting alone in the bar. Here are some of my strategies.

Of course one can have different kind of hobbies. One can go to dancing lessons or learn new language. One can attend to religious meetings, if that is what one likes. Often one can also meet friends too. But what then, when you don’t have anything to do and you don’t have any hobbies especially that night.

First you can always go “window shopping” as long as the shops are open. You go in and look around. I especially prefer either bookshops or that kind of busy stores, where you don’t get too much service normally, because you can usually look around and no-body bothers you. Unfortunately they have started to come to ask in certain bookshops, whether they can help me. “No thank you I am just looking.” “No thank you, I am just kind of window-shopping.”

There are often certain days or evenings, whenmuseums are open for free and when I am interested in some exhibition I may go to see it. There is always libraries, where one can go to read daily papers. Weekend evenings and some special holidays are bad, because usually nothing is open. You may go to museums or movies, but it is quite expensive to do often.

There is beneficial side of cultural activities too. Going to concerts, museums, art exhibitions and even cinema, is according to Swedish studies surprisingly beneficial for your health. In comparison going to religious meetings or watching sports events don’t have the same effect at all.

I had busy weekend just while ago. I wen’t to see an art exhibition plus saw two films. Plus I wen’t to shopping in Chinese grocery shop, which is always an adventure. I did not feel at all lonely that weekend.


2 Responses

  1. Evening…
    Day abandons it
    Night disowns it.

    A poet picks it up
    threads it
    into a poem.

    but sometimes
    it is barren,
    so impotent
    it gives nothing
    not even to a poet.

  2. Nice poem. I wish I would be able to write poems in English. 🙂

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