Spinster, Sister, two Guys and some Giggles

This is a story about two men and the few warm laughs me and my sister got from cafe to cafe to home. It does not intend to be mean story, and I apologise all that kind of all allusions in that direction.

I was again visiting bookstore. I just went to check whether there was new romantic novels. Well there weren’t. I also checked the magazines, but nothing interesting either. When I was exiting the store, I was just going to see the magazines in the department store cross the street, a man, who I tough had been following around the christmas, came after. He acted as if he was just passing by and said that he had seen me often in the bookstores, and that I seemed to like spending time in them too.

I did not know what to answer and was probably quite rude just going ahead, but what was I suppose to say. I acknowledge that he is probably quite harmless, but still. This is not first time that men try to hit me on the street, so to say, but they have usually been foreigners, not my countrymen.

I have heard about flirt in the shops too, but never actually witnessed anything like that. I was too surprised. I can relate though cause I know how hard it is to meet people, if you don’t like to sit in the bars.

I was on the other shop, when my sister rang. I met her in a cafe and told her above story. We did not laugh at his expense. My sisters male friend, met us on our way to another cafe. The first one was too noisy for my poor ears that were (and are) not well at the moment. After sitting there for a while and laughing at him a little, because this guy seemed to have somewhat same taste than a little brother of mine (and because we were both tired), we ended up in the close by liquor store to buy a wine bottle.

He insisted dragging us with him and that he chose against our better judgements a bottle of cheap bubbling, that was awful. I recommended him cheap red wine, Tunisian Shiraz, but he did not even consider that. Then he dragged us to record store, where we were out of in the minute. It made as giggle so much: man’s bad taste and his manoeuvres (like dragging people in places they did not want to go). OK, so both of us were tired.

On the other hand we spent ages in the super-market after that, so that my sister got fed up and decided she came to eat at my place. So we disappeared. He was making his doctoral thesis, but was totally unable to make any choice, if there was nobody to oppose him. I am bad making choices, but this guy was so much worst than me.


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