Why Spinster and Bachelor?

The English Language is more discriminating than other European languages. In most big European language one talks about either old or yound boys and girls, while in English we speak about glam Bachelors and dry Spinsters .

Meaning of both of batchelor and spinster have their origins in the practical historical world of Middle English time. Bachelor ment first just a knight-trainee and then trainee of any short of profession. Spinster ment of course a maid spinner, as it was a work of maids young and old as well. Later bachelor became a university term and I think that short of glamoroush nature of the term relates the freedom of the life in university world.

Bachelor is known in French vieux garçon, in German Junggeselle ja in Swedish ungkarl. Several latinic languages also talk about Celibates. Both kind of terms are more neutral than the English one, that is kind of dashing term.

That does not necessary mean that the tone is any more sweeter. The stereotypes can be in the language areas as grimm as in English speaking countries. It seems that spinsters are everywhere seen kind of grim and sour, while batchelors are usually sweet and jovial, if not very outgoing and glamorous.

Before this century there was great difference in situation. Women needed to strugle to support them selves and felt unfullfilled while not been fulfiling the role of the mother. Men did not have the similar problem. Their place in the society as workers and contributors was never due to maritial status. On the other hand the situation of unmarried mothers was even wortst than one of spinsters.


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