Confessions of Maybe the Worst Domestic Goddess in the World

Sometimes you meet the men, who easily make conclusion, that because you are woman, you must be domestic. Believe me nothing could be farther from the truth. Yes I suppose you could say I “can”, but that is where it ends, more or less.

I hate: vacuuming, ironing and general uncluttering. Don’t like dish-washing nor doing the laundry either. My house is full of clutter, there are piles of dishes and laundry and in general piles of everything. So I am no homemaker. I sometimes clean up, when I know that there are visitors coming, but usually I don’t ask any body to visit, because I really can’t ask them to come to my home, while it is in such a shape.

I am used to serving coffee in public places. I have arranged menus in large parties and been cook in the children’s summer camp. So I can do things like that. I am pretty good waitress and experienced cook for crowds, but that does not make me domestic in any other field. When I was younger I used to bake a lot, but for years have not done that and don’t bother. I am quite a lot rusty in baking.

I have dislike cleaning up since I was about five years old. Since my teen years I’ve felt shame for that. Why do everybody expects woman to be homemaker, because not all of us are. My mother fusses, when I think it is still perfectly clean. My sister is the same. I am so different.

Maybe this is a reason of me being spinster. Can’t understand, why someone would like my kind of wife. It is funny how one is subconsciously stuck with old stereotypes.


3 Responses

  1. A girl after my own heart. Domesticity stinks.

  2. OK, any man that assumes that as a woman you should cook and clean should be shot. And I saw that as a man.

  3. Thank you! 🙂 If I would not have known that there are other kind of guys you would have restored my faith in them. You certainly reinforced that fate.

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