First Sings of Spring are Flirting Men

The Spring and sunshine wakes my hormones somehow, but I am not the only one.  I start noticing flirting men from cashier boy to the guy in train. It is spring! I always start to feel wanting to have babies about this time of the year. There seems to be little children every where (and handsome men too). Female Hormones!

It is still snowy and it is quite cold. The first birds have started to sing tough and sun has smiled momentary. I am still in the winter outfit, buttoned up and cap hiding my hair. Only thing you can see of me is basicly my face. That is what makes to attention suprising.

And also I am noticing handsome men, that in the dark winter months would just have passed fastly. Just yesterday there was this beautiful Italian guy in train (I know because he and his friends spoke Italian). I know what I’ve said about Italian guys, but they can be so charming too. He did not notice me, anyhow.

Its uncomfortable, as normally would not get interested in the random good looking guy, I pop on to in the street. I dislike being hit on in public places, like you may have noticed, if you red my comments on Italy and Men. And I know that most men you see around are probably not single and they have girlfriend or wife somewhere.

Babies don’t notice in particular if I suddenly drool on them, but unfortunately men do and either they get all kind of ideas or I feel mortified or in worst case: both. Or in the absolutely worst case: the guy next to him notices and thinks I am interested in him.

And It is all those children. It may be that I have not tough having children for whole year. Have not missed not having them and not been sorry about it, bun when spring arrives I feel it in my guts, that I should be a mother, there should be baby crowing inside me and there should be baby for me to hold.

I know that all women don’t experience these feelings. Some of my girl-friends are totally immune to Baby Fewer in general and Spring Baby Fewer in particular. I have suffered from it since I was teenager. When I was younger it was even worst. I am pretty good fighting against my instincts as I still don’t have kids. I don’t intend to get any, if I don’t find pretty damn good father for them, and that is for sure.

I newer tough myself exactly maternal type. I love children, who does not (well I know some people, but I think they are suspicious) and eventually would like to have some of my own, I suppose (not very sure), but still I just am not such homey character one thinks mum to be. And liking children does not necessary mean you wan’t your own, at least not right now. I know: don’t have that many years left, but still.

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