Buy and Be Bought in Relationships

There are men to try to win women over by flash of money, and there are women, who go on with that. Whether it is expensive gifts or dinners or something else where money plays a part, it should not be used as reason of dating nor to lure anybody in the relationship. Yet there is constant trade of money, beauty and false affection.

Although there may not be many of us that would agree these kind of transactions to be ethical, yet the strategy is obviously working. Is it truth that everybody has their price? It is still sad business as true affection can hardly be bought.

I red an article about girl, who lived over her limits set by her earnings, because she could not buy anything except the most expensive brand from the shop. She was so admiring the rich lifestyle that she felt shame to buy anything else. I felt like saying to her that it is not way to become rich. I think there are plenty of this kind of girls dreaming of wealth and willing to pay high price on it.

There are also men, whose self image builds on women they have on their arm. More beautiful the better. Yet that is not true affection any more than the money for those women that are looking for it. The matter is more about status than about the love.

If one is really rich, it might be hard to differ gold diggers from others. There are always these women (or men) around, who will look just for your money, and not for yourself. And the women (or men), who might be interested just for yourself, may not be strong enough to get close to you. Gold can blind for true qualities, but it can also blind oneself for ones own faults.

I wonder why people are ready to enter these relationships. On the superficial level it is about wealth and status, but what is wrong in the deeper level? Is it more really about insecurity of some level? Women are unsure of the future and how they will cope (and they are looking for security) and men about them self (and looking for raising their ego).

[This writing was inspired by Billy: Money…and Women… ].

A story

I met a man Egypt, who told us a lot of stories, I don’t know how many of them were truth. I don’t mean they would not have had happened to someone, but not necessary for him. One of his stories was about rich western woman, who divorced her husband after meeting him – and married him. She had felt not enough affection from her husband.

She was much older than him (some twenty years). She helped him to buy a shop. Finally young man very naturally grew tired of the old woman and wanted free. He had a pride, so he spent years and years to pay her back. The women disappointed in love had formed a society – and he went one of their meeting, but ended up leaving because he felt they were blaming him.

Similar stories could probably be told about modern mail order brides from the Russia and Asia.


3 Responses

  1. I’m honored to be the inspiration of your blog! Thanks for writing this, and thanks for reading mine.

  2. I also wrote a couple of new blogs. One in particular, may spark your interest.

  3. Well, It was you who gave me the idea, to be honest. So I was honest. 🙂

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