Odd Romantic Couples

Sometimes one sees in the street these couples, where the other partner is good looking and other one is quite ordinary looking. Or they are appearently so opposite in their looks otherwise.

As a person living in this looks obsessed world, it makes me always wonder, can they truly be a couple. Then they do something, like holding hands, that makes me sure that they are. Love is sometimes blind – in a good way.

It makes me always believe in true love, when I see couple like that. I have a friends friend, who used to complain that men always just went for her, because they wanted to have good looking woman on their arm. The men were not interested of her as a human being. When good looking guy walks with ordinary girl, he must have seen something behind her face.

The same is when one sees a very tidy working girl with an bohemian guy, or vise versa. Also nerds with fashionistas are surprising. One may just wonder, what has brought them together. There must be something behind the looks. That makes me doubt do they really resemble their image or is it just about opposites completing each other.

Yet in the visual society of youth and beauty, it is usually the looks that matter. Last week I got funny mail, that started with pictures before and after digital smoothing. Last picture was surprising and funny, but I don’t tell you what it was, if you’d get that same mail. The change in the pictures in the beginning was really stunning.

How can any living person compete with computer generated perfect people skin artificially smoothed, breast and but enlarged and rounded and other imperfections corrected. Yet when I see a couple like that it gives me hope for something real.


4 Responses

  1. How can any living person compete with computer generated perfect people skin artificially smoothed, breast and but enlarged and rounded and other imperfections corrected.

    Unconditional love cannot be computer generated.

  2. For men, at least, who are average or even ugly, its all about confidence. I have seen men who I, at least, would consider below average in looks, with women who are quite frankly, gorgeous. I have seen men, who blow me out of the water, and I’m not a bad lookin guy, single and hating it. The “ugly” guy probably has a fantastic self image, and doesn’t let anything that could be better, bring him down. The better looking men in the opposite situation, surprisingly enough, don’t know what to do with themselves simply because they have some crazy insecurity. It could be that the good lookin guy doesn’t know how to communicate with girls, and feels boring. He could have a super tiny penis, and hate himself as a result of it. Or maybe he simply has a prosthetic leg, and thinks that women with reject him as a freak. Who knows? It could be anything. It all goes back to self-limiting beliefs. You are what you think.

    If a person goes around with a negative attitude about themselves all the time, why would they believe otherwise? If you were approached by a man that said, “Hey, I am so and so, and I am stupid, ugly, and boring. Wanna hang out?”, would you want to get to know him? I am sure you wouldn’t be exactly weak in the knees. No granted, most people won’t come out and say such things, but it is easy to tell if someone believes such things about themselves. Its like a scent, you just smell it.

    For women, if they have a sexy, seductive, fun-loving attitude, and a positive outlook on life in general, the same goes.

    Not stop writing interesting blogs so I can quit posting my thoughts about them. Seriously.

  3. OK BD: I did not know, you are such an romantic. 😉

    Billy: The last sentence was odd, but I keep posting.

  4. haha. i was commenting on the fact that i comment on your blogs a lot because they are interesting. when you write on a subject that interests me, i have an uncontrollable compulsion to post my thoughts. consider it a complement. in fact, right now, i just checked my blog on my phone, and am writing this at starbucks. now back to my coffee. later.

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