What do I Think About “The Rules”

Most of us have heard of the romantic rulebook for women by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, the book most men loath and some women too. My own very narrow experience in the male-species implies that its practicality is poor.

Already when I red the book the first time, I was very unsure. It seemed to change my very worst relationship weaknesses to sudden virtues. See, I am a natural Rules-girl, and I am that because it is my nature, not in that manipulative way the girls imply. And nothing frustrates men so bad than coolness and undercover shyness, in my experience.

I was just over twenty, when a guy told me, that my mysterious nature was so interesting and that men found it a challenge. What I am afraid of is that when they crack my code – that is: learn to know me intimately – I stop being so interesting, as I am no more mystery.

I’ve learned my way of being woman from my mother. She has been cool woman too. So is my sister. I suppose my granny was too. My sisters first steady boyfriend used to complain her not opening up. It made him nuts and probably broke their relationship.

The more: I think the book could be basicly condenced  in just one sentence. Be independ cool girl and take good care of your appearance. If I would add anything to that it would be old-fashioned advice of not making the first move. But for this you don’t need a whole book. Yet much better dating and relationship advice would be to be yourself and not try to pretend something else. The only thing that book could advice me is to take care of ones appearance, but it is a message our society oozes anyway.


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