Second Month Anniversary of Spinster Blog and Thanks

Maybe this becames a tradition to write once a month of post about blogging and what my readers have liked the best, even if the last month’s posting was not very popular one.

The favourite posts of the month have been:

  1. Can Men and Women be True Friends? (also the most discussion).
  2. What Should One Think About Marriage?
  3. Girl Feeling Giraffe

These continue from last month as constant favourites:

  • All You Need is Love – Consuming the Love
  • Media: Spinster Stereotypes in Cinema
  • Stories of Two Indian Spinsters
  • Horoscope According to an Abnormal Capricorn
  • The last two had as many visits that’s why there are four of them.

    Some Observations:

    This blog has proved me wrong, as I expected that women might be interested in it, but suddenly many of the commentors, at least, have been male. This is maybe due to relationships issues that interest both sexes and that I don’t tend to blame men. Still I tought that me writing about female life would have been just interesting for other girls. I really like your comments!

    Due to I wrote about abnormal capricorn, there have been a rush of people searching for astrological forecasts for 2007. But then there was some one (or two people), who tried to find out if Capricorns are boring. I don’t know what answer did he get from my blog. Hopefully some. 😉
    [Note about famouse capricorns: Elvis Presley, Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, are just first that came to my mind.]

    I’ve learned to hate spamming. Had to take back linking away and restrict the comments with links, sorry for that. I’ll publish all the actual comments, when I’ve had time to check them. There is almost as much spam than real visits. Sorry I moderated your comment Billy.

    Some thanks:

    – for anybody linking me.
    – for all people, who have commented my posts.
    – for everybody reading my blog.


    In Addition: When I started I claimed that my writing would be therapeutic and as much I like to provoke you people to talk, I try to turn little more back to that direction. (March 19th 2007). 

    One Response

    1. Hi Raindreamer,

      Congratulations on your two month anniversary! I really enjoy your chronicles and just wanted to thank you for your support and comments.

      from your Capricornian fellow blogger and friend,

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