Benefits of Spinsterhood: Freedom for Weekend Shopping Mania

We all (women) have our own shopping patterns and mine is kind of manic: I buy a lot of at one go. This weekend I spent a huge amount of money (for me) – don’t dare to think. I’m lucky that now no one else is going to complain about it.

I usually buy practical, easy wear and affordable clothes. I have plenty of clothes and don’t really need any more. I seldomly buy anything at the full price. Yet I can spend a lot in one day. In this sense, I am happy that I live alone and nobody will complain how much money I spent.

I am usually pretty careful with my money and move specific amount of money each month to a fund.  And it is substantial part of my salary. I could already pay a down payment for a small apartment, but I’ve not yet made my decission. And I’ve got money saved to trip abroad. In everyday life I don’t usually waste money.

So what happend, when I wen’t to a shopping mode? I was going to buy a raincoat, I’ve been thinking to buy for a while. Then I saw nice t-shirt and pullover and bought them too. Continued to shop for three more shirts from second shops, some cosmetics from third and undewear and bag from fourth.

All were in sales and quite cheap in such, but the amount of stuff I bought was such that I don’t dare to think the total. Yet I am pretty happy about what I bought. It was substantial part of my monthly salary. And what I’d really need to buy are new winter shoes – but have not found any I’d like.


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