Curse of Bluestockings

Can woman be more intelligent? This is one of the classical relationship questions. There is two sides of answer: can men accept more intelligent women and can women accept less intelligent men. And what is the amount of difference can be tolerated? I’ll concentrate here on the first side of the question.

Can men tolarete more intelligent women? Many men seem to find female intelligence on the limits of their tolerance. This includes also young and rather intelligent men, not just old men of different era. 

This is important question for me, as I am slightly more intelligent than average (although you may not notice that 🙂 ) and have occasionally felt that it is intimidating for some men – also for some that one would not think of being such a ninnies.

One friend of mine (male) once told me that the first impact I made on him scary, great. In high school a class mate of mine in advanced science class sent his sister to ask me things he needed to know (like assignments). The computer class boys sent an advisory to me, when they wanted to know what I got from the test I left early. Girl knowing computers (and then also programming I’ve later forgot) can be intimidating – I know.

It also seems that certain men that can’t tolerate intelligent women seem to feel that the lady needs to be put down in a way or another. Have felt the effect. Not all of men are like that, I know, as I have had some interesting discussions. Sometimes I even believed them. 

One would think that genetically it would be excellent to have intelligent mother for kids, but in practice it does not always seem so. Are intelligent women really so intimidating? Should I play dumb?


8 Responses

  1. You (Anyone) should surely not play dumb.
    But when in a conflict with the MAN give him a chance, to show his intellect. Don’t bog him down. I have seen women do that. That hurts.

    And yes, Man can certainly accept *more* intelligent women provided she does not bog him down always. It’s more of a human nature, i feel.

    The reply to this will tell me how intelligent you are 😀 😉

  2. That was truly hard one. Now you scare me.

    I don’t think intelligence makes me – or anybody – better person. It just makes me different. In a way it makes life difficult, because it took time to understand that a lot what I used to say, went over people’s heads. It is harder to communicate, if difference is wide.

    But do I bog men, as you say, the truth is I don’t know. Not familiar with the expression (as English is not my mother tongue) but if it means a) put men down: no I don’t think so (but am not sure as I am not inpartial viewer) or that b) I am tiresome: yes might be true sometimes, sad to say.

    The one evidence would of course be, that this guy, who originally had tought me scary, could become my friend. So when one gets to know me, I’m not that bad, obviously. 😉

  3. As a whole I like people who are smarter than I am, but there are exceptions and intelligent ladies of give some very fascinating insights, others I just do not understand.

  4. I too like the company of people who are smarter than me. No wonder I’ve been called dumb so many times (more so by girls 🙂 , and I love that 😛 )

  5. BD: But does that mean that you really are stupid (in their mind) or just that they don’t really like what you say? In your case I would think the later. 😉

  6. You mean to say you don’t like what I say! :O

  7. No – I mean just that you have strong opinions and they are not always easy to swallow for everybody. Would definately not say you are stupid !! That is what I ment. 🙂

    Many people use the frase stupid – when they don’t like what other person is saying.

  8. Funny. I have the same problem with a lot of women.

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