Option: Ready-Made-Family

When I was younger I dreamed about strong man, knight that is, white wedding dress and three children of my own. When I grew older my expectations changed. I could raise others children too, couldn’t I…

What I mean with ready made family is that man I would marry – and yes we are still talking about marriage – would have children already. I don’t think about marrying somebody much older than me, but rather some one of my age, who has had the misfortune of loosing his wife quite against his own will: rather widow (quite rare) or in some cases maybe also divorcee. Don’t I start to sound Spinsterish again?

The truth is: I don’t want to rush for marriage and when I am counting my fertile years, there are not so many of them. The clock is thickin and I am realistic enough to hear it.

My family has tendency of being able to love children of others as well as our own. And I don’t think it would be that hard. It does not mean that I would not like to have one or two of my own, but rather that I don’t see it likely to still develop huge family.

Other possibility are foster children, although having them is huge challange as many of them have very special needs. I would like to offer a home for some child in need of one, but part of me is afraid that I would not cope. I think it would mean that I would need to have a strong partner in my side. Other wise it would not work.

I would like to have big family and I would like to work from home, may be having as an assistant some body (au pair) to watch after kids, so I would have time to concentrate what I would be doing.  I would not leave them in the helps care totally, just considered that as a way of having extra pair of eyes.


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