Babies from Abroad

It seems that there is growing adoption tend among celebrities and especially the foreign adoption. They seem to consider it as a form of charity. Yet there are always certain problems in foreign adoption.

I’ve been thinking of writing about this issue for a while, but I wanted first to write about the Ready-Made-Family. It is not easy issue as there are a lot of basic feelings involved.

International adoption by the famous people is not a new thing. Already 1920s jazz-girl Josephine Backer collected a multicultural family, but what I’ve heard the adopted children of hers did not remember her with much affection.

I’ve known children that were adopted from abroad. Among them there are considerable amount of sad stories. Many of these children don’t seem to belong. They are treated as foreigners in their own culture. And if they are older when adopted, they remember the culture, where they came from.

My friend, who had studied them in Netherlands (the country that was one of the first to have large amount of foreign adoptions) told me, that many of these children had huge problem and many were depressed. They needed therapeutical peer groups to process their feelings.

There is another even more serious problem. It seems that some of these celebs have given large donations for institutions they adopted from and that the rules were bent in their cases. Somebody wrote that what do we care of such matters, if the children gets a better lives. But does wealth necessary make your life so much better and happier? There is a big ethical problem in here, as the law is not the same for everybody. Does end really justify the means?

When I was living in India one of my friends was working in local adoption society and they were afraid of child trafficking. If the wealthy westerns want children and are willing to pay the price, there will be no problems. It seems that some poor families even make children for the reason of profiting from adoption. These children would not exists without foreigners willing to pay to adopt a child, so nobody is not really “saving them from their fate”. What seems small money in the West may be huge in some countries – and especially among the poorest of the poor.

There are also countries that adopt away unwanted children. In Eastern-Europe they are usually sick or handicapped. In some Asian countries the unwanted sex – girls. It is true that sick children are better taken cared of in west – but is it healthy to let some nation to get rid of the unwanted. And especially where the girls are given away this is generating bad imbalance between sexes.

I am not totally condemning the foreign adoption. I just say that you should not see it as any form of foreign aid or charity. Let’s face it – there are far too many ethical problems in it.


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