Planning of the Hen Night Has Begun

I tough that I’d keep you in touch of the wedding plans of my friend with whom I went to the “Bridal Fair” and planned of buying the wedding dress. As you see the planning of the hen night (or weekend) couple of weeks before the wedding has begun.  

The hen night is usually rather big thing here. I’m so happy I did not volunteer to take responsibility of it. But I am not extremely happy it will be arranged some 300 km from the city, where I am living. Happily somebody promised me a place to stay over-night.

All the planners are nice girls or women, and there will be nothing really wild or dashing in plans. The plan is to spend rather quiet hens night with no usual way of snubbing the future bride. There will be sauna and enjoying of the nature in rather Japanese-kind of zen way. There is an idea that the theme would go around the future husband-to-be’s hobby: Italian style Deli. It may also include some urban orienteering along the student age personal history of my friend.

Oh and my friend and her husband-to-be are moving quite close to me (they had an option of moving to the other side of the country too) and looking for apartment. As she is very close friend of mine, I am very happy.


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