The Magical Soul-Mate

Many of us are looking for the one and only true love. There seems to be an idea of predesignated lover meant just for one, mach made in heaven. Even otherwise scientific and even sceptical people seem to believe in that. We are looking for someone sharing our views of life and world.

When something goes wrong in the relationship, there will be conclusion, that the person was not right. Yet the problem might be of timing or in the communication between partners. They might need negotiation skills to compromise and communication skills to understan each other.

Officially I never believed in one true love, before I met him. He was like my male image. We shared our views of life and most of the interests. Suddenly I felt I’d found soul-mate. Yet the relationship did not work out mainly, because I was not ready and he was in a hurry. I wanted space and time he was not ready to give me. He continued searching…

Later I had to review the idea of the one true love and the soul-mate-thing. It was hard to get over, after such a connection. Yet I started to think that even if we shared our life views and interests, we might not had been fitted together. Maybe we would have been too similar. Maybe I need to man that balances me rather than is my mirror image.

Since him I’ve not been looking for magical connection. By experience I know it is possible, but I am not so sure, if it is something to be looked for. What is the important is that I could truly love someone as they are and would be loved as my self, neither of us needing to play any roles. To be able to trust on the man and relax around other is very important for me.


3 Responses

  1. typical girl thghts ? hmm.. i know..

  2. It is a while sinse you wrote the comment, but if you are there Mr. Maverik:

    You make me curious: What do you mean? I honestly want to understand, what was so girlish about it? What would go in the male mind instead? Educate me, please. 🙂

  3. Mine didn’t work out too cos I didn’t feel ready and he was in a BIG hurry. It was fine in the beginning but eventually all our differences crept in one by one. So I hit the brakes on the relationship. It was too much for him, we couldn’t agree on anything from that point onwards.

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