How to Wake Up without an Alarm Clock?

True Story: I usually wake myself up whit the alarm of my cell-phone. Yesterday I left it at the work and I only noticed that slightly after mid-night. I needed to wake up next morning before seven. The problem seemed big – espesially when I was not very sharp at the time.

The reason I was not in the bed yet, was that I bought the Second Season of the Lost at very cheap prise from the sale last week and it is kind of addictive (although I’ve not seen the first season). One cannot just watch a little. I had even forgotten pasta on the stowe (happily not on).

I was almost sure I had to stay up all the night, because could not trust myself waking up in just few hours naturally, espesially as the inner clock is slightly off palance due tothe beginning of the summer time. I’ve done that once before, and would not recommend it to anyone. Happily there was time in my lap top, as my wall clock has stopped working a while ago and I’ve been looking for less noisy one.

I was not in the mindset and alertness of great inventions, but happily I remembered that I had an electronic timer. So I put me computer on, looked the time, set the timer on radio – and so there was home-made clock-radio.

In the morning I discharged my radio-system and while I was too lazy to open my computer to look at the time, I was quicker than usual in the morning. When I entered the metro, I noticed I was over half-an-hour ahead of the time and had time to buy couple of light rice-pastries and a cinnamon bun for morning coffee. I found it relaxing once not being in the hurry.


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