Let’s Be Kind Towards Ourselves

The big problem whit depression, fear and timidity is that they all make us feel less worthy due to them. We are anxious about the fear, feel blue about the depression and are ashamed about timidity. It is an awful cycle. Yet they are often just part of sensitive personality and much easier to deal whit if we give us the right to be as we are.

We should forgive us, appreciate us and respect us as ourselves. Even if we occasionally feel blue, anxious or shy, we should not be overly critical towards our selves. So lets give us a big hug. You guys can give your selves a big bear hug (like you do after goal in the game), so it does not feel so girlish.

So getting to know others takes little more time (and you may feel a bit like an outsider), and you warm a bit more slowly than others, what is the big deal. You may feel lonely for a while but that is not forever. Some studies say that eventually timid people may be more flexible. Or are you just thinker and oriented toward inner-toughs, which is perfectly normal. And maybe the occasionally blues slows you down and helps to go through difficult feeling now and then. Being scared may be your natural protective reaction to something, that just went out of proportion some how. We should not be so hard on our selves.

About 1/3 of the children are born shy, 20% of all go through some serious depression and all of us are afraid of something. It is not about being afraid, it is about not letting fear to control your life. It is not about being timid, but not giving in to it and becoming secluded. It is not about depression, but being merciful towards yourself, when you are not at your best.

Our society needs as well thinkers as social people. Not everybody are the same and the key is to help each other and understand that all of us have our own strengths and weaknesses in certain areas, but that the same features may be weakness and strength on other fields. Let’s be our selves and try to grow a little in the areas of our own weaknesses. The small steps are in the long run the most effective ones.


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