Spinster Webspotting

Some interesting pieces of reading I found from the web:

I wrote previously about: Can Men and Women Be Friends? Now you can read more about: how cross gender friendship is tricky, but beneficial for both.

And the surprising found: Chocolate ‘more exciting than kissing’ and we believed it was only good for our hearts ??

Can you deliberately make love happen?  Yes: you can make yourself intentionally fall in love.

The Truth About Compatibility according to the experts.

Before they were taboo, now they are getting more and more common: Interracial marriages surge across U.S.

Read also this: Free as a bird and loving it: Being single has its benefits

Cohabitation is now considered only intense form of dating as Cohabiting couples are ‘breaking up quicker’ than married.


2 Responses

  1. You have a very detailed blog. I’m impressed. Have you read my book, Spicy Spinsters: Stories of Seasoned Bachelorettes? You might find it interesting. I think the main reason spinsters are growing in numbers is because women no longer need to depend on men to survive anymore.

  2. I love to read and I’ll check out your book, if I can find it.

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