Chaos of Leaving on the Holiday and “Great” Way to Avoid Burglary

I am not great organizer. So here it goes the story of my leaving on the holiday…

I believed the bus was leaving at 19.45 or 19.50 in the Thursday evening – I had not taken out the cash to pay my ticket and saw the long queue at the ATM and went to check the leaving time.

There was no bus on the electronic timetable. Where was my bus? I checked it quickly from the cardboard (timetable) and guess what: it has just left (at 19.30). I am sure the timetable must have changed. It has not left that early before. Any way the next reasonable bus was leaving 6.30 in the God-Friday morning. So calling my mama and back to home whit my rather full backpack.

I checked every possible thing that evening, so I could leave easily when the alarm ring in the morning. I used the electronic timer (the same as in Waking up whit out the Alarm Clock) to time the light go on every evening, when I was away – as I’ve done always when I am away for longer time.

Coming back the last Sunday I only found out a little problem whit this “great” plan of mine: I forgot to switch the light on in the morning while plugging the device in. It would have been great way to puzzle the robbers, would I just switched it on. Happily I did not know, so I did not worry about it on my holiday.

The best thing was that I did not really forget anything home while leaving in the country side. (Well if you don’t count my toilet bag, but it is not essential, as I’ve got tooth brush and other staff at my moms place too). It took me half a year to take Tupperware baking base I bought her for my mother.

Usually I forget at least one important thing, when leaving for a trip or holiday. That is why I never use the stove the day before leaving nor the iron. Only micro-oven for me in those days.


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