Childhood Ideas of Love

Somehow this was somehow fitting in with the childish subjects: I was reading this little hilarious book of kids thoughts about love, and that made me think about what me and my friends thought about love, when we were kids.

I remember a friend telling me that if two people (man and woman) look in each others eyes for long time, they are in love. We were about ten and she had a huge crush for a teacher.

My first true love, if you can consider one so at the age of four, was my older cousin, who was my hero. He was kind, when my girl cousins were not and was playing with me, when they left me alone. He was true gentleman at the age of 9 or 10.

When I was a little girl, I could not watch people kissing in the TV – it felt so embarrassing. So I hid my face in a cushion. When I was five there was this older boy, who believed he was in love with me and tried to hug and I think also kiss me. It made me wary and I was scared. I think adults did not take it as seriously as it should have been taken and afterwards I was very insecure and afraid.

In the first grades of primary school we used to have this so called kiss-chase where the girls tried to catch boys. No real kiss were given, of course, as it was just that kind of children’s game. Other occasions we also might have snooped some boy with a friend, which would be totally inapporiate to do for anyone over 10 years of course.

The innosence of those days is something I miss.


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