Don’t You Just Love Those Little Faults?

When one first meets a man: one notices those things that are great about him: height, smile, eyes, funny side, wit, good manners and consideration. Little by little one start to notice negative things: stupid jokes, boasting, untidiness and so on.

Then comes the major turning point: you decide whether these faults are lovable or totally insupportable. After that his qualities are no more the most important thing. You either learn to love those faults (sometimes they are annoying still, but you love them despite of that) or not. And sometimes they just darn cute (although any man would hate to know I’ve called any feature of his cute).

In that turning point you may feel that your interest goes down and you start looking around, but after little while you are back admitting that he is still what you want. Then you start to love the true person instead of the image you first made of him. There is this real person, with his qualities and faults and you love them all – even if some of them would be occasionally annoying.

One falls in love in his qualities, but learns to love his faults. So it always goes, as nobody is perfect – and I’d not have them as such. I watched movie yesterday called “Russian dolls” (it was French) and the girl in the movie says that unlike other women she falls in imperfection and that she loves his faults. I think many women fall for faults – as the perfect people in the end are so boring. This maybe rises from the fact that all of us are potential mothers. Yet there must be qualities to compensate this faults, otherwise it would be monstrous.

Often men don’t understand this strange quality of women. Men try to hide their faults, when honesty would often be better solution. One of those bad hiding efforts is the baldness, which is the most silliest thing, because the bald can be so hot, when carried proudly. Yet the foolish efforts to try to hide it are the most unappealing thing. Just think about the hairpiece or the thin hair combed over bald. Do I need to say more?


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