I’d rather Stay Playful, not Dry-up

Lately I’ve repeatedly written about necessity to grow up for relationships to work. Yet there are couple of fields, we always grow up too quickly and stay children too short time – they are playfulness, sense of humour and creativity. Don’t grow adults too fast when it comes to openness to new ideas and new games.  I think our relationships can benefit from this kind of attitude as it keeps them fresh.

One thing I am afraid of – and been for a long time – is short of dry and official relationship some couples seem to have. The humour, playfulness and freshness is gone. And that is death scary. It is like the iron-west of not-so-much responsibility as the expected roles is weighting them down. And they give in – I never get it why on earth. Yet it seems to be the responsibility people are afraid of.

I’ve seen couples that seem to search for fitting in their roles right after the wedding. I suppose these are people to whom the marriage is at least partly a status thing. You have to get married, because you’re something less if you don’t. Especially women may think this way. They wan’t to fit to the convention. Put for marriage I think the convention and too tight roles are bad. I would personally never marry for to be married, but maybe it’s for that I’m still single.

We all became to the relationships with expections coloured by our former relationships and childhood. The proplems begin, when we try to fit our significant other to these expectations. They may not fit in at least – and why shoul they? Our expectations guide also our own role in the relationship.

It is scary, when you see a young couple to act like late middle age tired married pair, instead of playful companions. And especially when the relationship of her parents seem fresher. Where have all the romance gone from their relationship this fast?

Let’s be responsible of the playfulness of our relationships!


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