Orienteering for Marriage

Saturday-Sunday we had the hen-night or Bridal Shower, whatever you want to call it. I had quite little to do with planning, so can not take a credit, how well it was arranged. The Bride was happy and so were all others. As the title says one of the themes was orienteering others being cooking, good food (we went to eat thai) and music.

It was nice weekend. First we followed her around in city-orienteering around the familiar places of her study-town. She was required to make recognition according the pictures shown. There were different stops and different things to do. As I told we ate wonderful lunch at the local Thai-restaurant. My portion was hotter I knew I ordered. For while I had not eaten anything so hot.

After the while we left to the cottage, where we bathed, cooked some snack for evening, talked and sang. Bride also finished love-poem in Spanish (which was rather good) and she was supposed to finish the heel of the knitted sock. In the morning we did little (follow-the-leader) orienteering in the forest near-by and she told about what certain small objects reminded of her life. (We got little lost, but it did not matter).

We had a nice time, although this might be little boring to read, as I don’t want to go to details and we did not do anything really silly – and I don’t think she would’ve liked it either. The whole thing left me with a feeling that she really is ready to get married.

2 Responses

  1. Nice blog, but it would be nice to know more of the details that made you feel she was “ready” for marriage. Just curious what the signs are, from a woman’s perspective.

  2. This is little a bit hard to put on words and I suppose I left it out for that.

    What I felt was that she was settled – that there was this beautiful calmness. And there was short of warm acceptance of him with his peculiarities and “faults” and all. You should’ve heard her talking about him.

    She said she felt good in her own skin and that she was ready to take a leap of fait – and that she would not have been year ago. And I felt these were not just words. She really meant it.

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