Little Harmless Joys

Yesterday I saw four hot-air-balloons on the way to home from the town centre. I’d bought a sock-hanger and a new kettle from a bargain store I’ve not visited for ages. I went there to buy something else entirely. I am a balloon enthusiastic – every time I see those sails of the air flying in the blue-sky it makes me always cheerful no matter what.
Like also ice-cream-booth, butter- and dragonflies, beautiful flowers (especially in the strange places), swans (and other birds also), hedgehog crossing the street in the summer-night… The list would be endless.
There are these little innocent pleasures; I never hope to grow by. I maybe little childish, but I hope to teach my children to enjoy of these light and easy little things, each of their own. When I talked about growing up – but not growing bored, I suppose I meant a little a bit about this. I would hope to find a man that at least would not think this silly, rather he would do it himself, if possible.
I don’t know if I’d be too scared of heights to fly with one of those balloons (well I could always be dared), but seeing them in the sky brings always back some childhood enjoyment of watching “Pippi Longstocking” from TV, when she travelled with hot air balloon (not animation, but proper TV-series with a red-haired girl). When we were small my friend wanted to play her and used to different colour stockings as she did. She was quite a sight.


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