Cloudy Skies in the Male Front

Yesterday I met my girlfriend in an international (I suppose you could call it:) “club”. I’ve not been there for a while, but I knew he might be there. Then I didn’t see him around in the beginning – and he said hi to me just when we were leaving. He was sitting just behind me, though I swear he was not there when I sat down. Instead I talked nice Kenyan girl called Martha. Was that not my luck?

I’ve met him few times before and I know he likes me. He usually comes to talk to me and we have had nice, relaxed discussions. And I like discussions and I like his smile. I suppose I have a small crush. Yet the crush has not been so big that I’d intentionally searched his company. It was not even primary object to go there.

Why am I so lazy that I did not go there before? He used to be working in another city, but I know he had been back for while. I don’t always understand my self. Maybe it is because I don’t want to be too serious or maybe it is my shyness again: I don’t want to go alone. I admit that woman’s mind is not always understandable with common sense.

[I had 15 minutes to write this, so I did it in a quite hurry, which shows!]


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