Status Relationship or Marriage as a Merit

They get a partner, because they are supposed to. They get married, because it looks good and they want children because they are status symbols. Before it was only boys, but today it does not matter that much, or does it?

Men used to wan boys to continue their family. Women needed to marry to gain any stable standing in the society and for living. And everybody knew this. But the society has changed since then. The golden ring and the married title are no more so important, or are they? Do people still get married or children for status?

You hear stories of women wanting the ring for showing off other women. Some child welfare authorities have been worried for kids parents don’t seem to have time for and who have been kept silenced with huge pocket money, but how much is it status thing and how much is about not been able to handle the conflicting demands.

I heard story of this female politician, who had under year old child. She intentionally left home so early she would not see the child crying, so it would not disturb her career. She had huge reserve of people (one of them her husband) to look after the kid and reserved some “quality time” for her. I felt it was rather coldblooded.

Everyone knows the story of AnnNicole Smith and her rich elder husband and wonder how much she fell for the status (and luxury) he could give her, rather than him. It is an old story that women fall for status, but when some woman marries a man decades her senior one starts to think how much is it about the status and how much about the status (and money).And this is not only female thing, as we all have heard about rich toyboys hanging around rich elder women.

What about the old or rich man marrying woman maybe decades younger and definitely beautiful, so was he not showing off too?? “See, I can still get such a woman at this age!” And do you think Donald Trump is looser with his legions of wives – it seems to me he have dumbed and cheated most of the times. So beautiful wife is a status symbol for a billionaire.

Maybe these people are less emotional and don’t care for feelings in the marriage. We have different values and the connection and partnership is not value for everybody.

Yet one must walk in this kind of marriage with open eyes as it is not you the other person wants, but what you can give to them. When it ends the relationship ends and there is not big hope for old-age-comfort or companionship or any such thing. It might be rather lonely business, so not something I’d hope for marriage. I still wonder, should children be brought to something like, as they need stability and security. It is risky business!

There is long  line of women being promoted through their relationships with men. The scandal of the World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz and his female friend Shaha Riza only shows that the tradition is continuing, although more criticised than before. Yet as Riza stated also other leaders in the bank have had their women (wives) working in there. And there is a conflict of interest. This is only one problem of the relationship between personnel, but this is something I wrote earlier.


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