Few Cracks in “Love”

I “enjoyed” a little disappointment last weekend – a small heartbroke.  Or at least I felt it could not be huge, as I had not right to any huge thing. When at last I can tell something happening in this field, it is disappointing.

I wrote about him last monday- and this weekend I saw him again – not entirely accidentally – with another woman. My great timing again: first I don’t go after something I like and then it slips of my hands, and this is usually men I am interested in. It does not mean that I should hunt them, oh no: I don’t even make myself available for them to come after.

First I didn’t even admit myself I was disappointed. I mean: what could I expect. But it truly cast me down among other annoying things in my life right now. Yet I have no right to walk around in blues and walk around sick as a parrot, because I did not do anything to make myself available in time. Which bring my mind that the Pirates of the Caribbean III is soon here. Did I tell that I’ve always liked pirates, yet I found the last movie as disappointment, but back to the issue.

This seems to be my life story: I am interested in guy, who seems to be interested in me. I act timidly and he gets frustrated. Then he goes and finds another woman – and sooner or later they get married. I always seem to be the last woman before the right one. I don’t know whether men come after me, when they have started to think seriously or whether they get serious after frustrating over me. This thing is still obscure for me.

There is local saying that if you don’t have a darling for the Whitsunday, you shall have none for whole summer. It is awful saying, but guess when it will be – next Sunday! If one would believe in it, I’d again be alone for the summer. Which would not be very surprising after the recent developments. Am I spinster, or what?


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