Something extra: 8 random things

Whatever will I tell you I’ve not yet told? Thanks modobs.

Let me pay this forward to globetrotteri, jeanclairedy, mr. maverick roak, datingguy, Billy and BD. If you are still listening…

And then to my list:

 1. I was a whizz-kid: My mother was (and I suppose still is) very proud, when I spoke very early and told long stories at the age of 1 year, when others only fumbled with their first words. Mums around the sandbox were in wonder. I’ve also got memories at the very early age (in comparison).

2. People used to rate me older than I was until I filled 20 years. After that wind changed and people started to rate me younger than I am. They still do. I suppose they think I am 25 or something.

3. I am afraid of heights, but I just love flying with aeroplanes. I wonder would it feel as nice in hot-air-balloons?

4. I am moody in a sense that I can be either extremely lazy or over-energetic.

5. I hate grey weather – be it either sunny or stormy, but never cloudy.

6. My superstition: best guarantee for sunny weather is to bring with you a umbrella or raincoat. Works at least at 75% of cases (when it looks like it would rain) – and in others you have the rain-protection with you. This kind of uses the Murphy’s law for one’s own benefit. (Today it worked very well…)

7.  My first friend was boy at the age of three – and since then until middle-teens I’d always have boys as friends. I hate that being friends with men is so difficult. I wonder if it would be easier to be friends with men if I were part of a couple.

8. My favourite number is 8.


6 Responses

  1. Well done, Raindreamer. I also have the same problem as you with the age. People give me barely 20 when they see me the first time, but I’ll be hitting my 30 next year.

  2. Well I am tall – so everybody always tought I was older … I mean I could have bought alcohol (whitout papers) at the age of 14 … and then suddenly people start to minus my years ??
    I have this collegue (woman in her 50s) and she has a girl, who is 27 or 28 and she said she felt I was younger. And I am already over 30. And there is collegue of mine, who is now I think 26 or something and people are not sure which one of us is younger.

    And those were just the latest comments.

  3. Of course I’m still listening! 🙂 There is such sweetness in this post. I really enjoyed reading it and I’m so grateful that you’ve shared. Your writing is full of honesty and humorous moments….don’t ever stop Raindreamer!

    Thanks for your support throughout my travels and tribulations in Taiwan and around the world. It should be me inquiring if people are still listening and I know that you’ve been an ardent supporter since I started writing at the beginning of this year. I will remain the same for you even though I don’t often have the time to leave comments. I’m always listening!

  4. Did not mean you so much as the others. They used to comment a lot …

  5. i can definitely relate with number 2 and 7! same thing happened to me. i stil have more male friends today. and i love their company. when i reached 30, people started mistaking me for a 2o-something. sometimes, i wonder if i’m regressing. 🙂

  6. Hey! Yes, I have not consistently updated my blog. I need to be better about that! Good to hear from you though!

    I do have the problem with the age thing. I am usually confused for about 25-27, although I am about 23. I wonder how I will age when I get to be 30ish, 40ish, etc?

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